Professor Sophocles.

Apropos to anecdotes of Professor Sophocles, it is thought that the two following have never been published. His well-known disregard of the ordinary methods of crediting student's work is shown in this. One day a student came to him to ask his mark for the month. It was when recitations were taken into account and marked on a scale of eight. Professor Sophocles, after a moments thought, rather curtly replied, "It's three." Perceiving the student's look of disgust, he asked, "Would you like to know your mark for next month? Well, that's three also !"

Another day in recitation, the class failed to distinguish clearly enough between the uses of the Greek negative particles. One after another gave up in turn, till the question was put to a man who happened to remember the distinction as given in the Professor's Greek Grammar. Rising in his place, he gave the paragraph word for word. Professor Sophocles, with a look of satisfaction, settled back in his chair and growled out, "There, that sounds like something."