Fact and Rumor.

The cricket club will not play Longwood to-day.

Eighty-eight vs. Adams Academy at Quincy this afternoon.

The Yale-Boston game to-day will be played on the new Athletic field.

The price of the proposed Harvard Literary Monthly will be $2.00 per annum.

Forty-nine men are out regularly on Holmes Field engaging in general field athletics.

Rev. Phillips Brooks will preach in Appleton Chapel to-morrow evening at 7.30.

The long expected shingles of the brass band will be ready for distribution next week.

Season and admission tickets for the base-ball games can be obtained at Leavitt and Peirce's.

The Argonauts yesterday defeated the second nine of the CRIMSON in an exhibition game, by a score of 7 to 3.

Wood, '88, and R. D. Smith, '86, are the latest additions to the large number of men practising sprinting on the track.

Arguments are due from the juniors, with the exception of those who have written double themes, on the coming Thursday; from the sophomores on May 7.

The Bicycle Club intend to hold a race meeting this spring, if enough entries can be secured to make it interesting.

Base-ball games to-day.- Boston vs. Yale, at New Haven; Boston Unions vs. Dartmouth, at Hanover; Techs vs. Harvard, at Cambridge.

A close and exciting game of baseball was played yesterday between nines from tables 38 and 39 of Memorial. The 38 nine was victorious by a score of 12 to 11; seven innings.

The Advocate which came out yesterday, announces that next fall eight columns will be added to the size of the paper, and that this additional space will be given up to literary articles.

The preliminary trial of the competitors for Boylston prizes will be held on Saturday, May 2nd, at 2 o'clock. Cheering in the morning at the class races, prize speaking in the afternoon!

The lacrosse twelve will play their first match this afternoon on Jarvis at the close of the base-ball game. The Somervilles, their opponents, last season won the junior championship of New England.

The sophomore crew came out yesterday in their new uniforms. All the crews now, with the exception of the freshman, are uniformed. The class colors,- green and white, '85; blue and white, '86; orange and black, '87, form the distinguishing features of the different uniforms.

The following fourteen men will compose the lacrosse team and substitutes in the game this afternoon: Blodgett, '87; Drake, '87; Gardner, '87; Goodale, '85; Henning, C. S.; Hood, '86; Nichols, L. S.; Noyes, '85; Pastoreous, '87; H. E. Peabody, '87; Rueter, L. S., Twombly, L. S.; Williams, '85; Woods, '85.

The Boston Record thinks that it is significant, as showing how Boston muscle is at a premium, that not only the champion prize fighter hails from their centre of culture, but that seventeen of the thirty-two members of the Harvard class crews claim Boston as their home.

"With their Autner at the front, and with above half of the Harvard class crews, the city at which scoffing New York pokes fun can afford to treat her jeering rivals with silent contempt."