Fact and Rumor.

The Harvard cricket team plays Longwood to-day.

"Harvard treated our men very handsomely, both during and after the game."- Princetonian.

Two gold medals will be given to the two men on the Cornell nine who make the two best batting averages.

Base-ball games to-day: Harvard vs. Dartmouth at Cambridge; Yale vs. Princeton at Princeton.

It is a singular coincidence that the '87 class crew has won the spring class races at Yale, Harvard, and Columbia.

Mr. T. T. Baldwin, '86, will fill the position of boating correspondent to the CRIMSON.

Prof. Shaler addressed the members of the Society of Home Culture on the Study of Nature at their meeting in Boston, Thursday evening.

The Lampoon may be expected early next week. Two cartoons that will appear in it are devoted to college subjects and are especially good.

The position of the nine in to-day's game will be as follows: Nichols, p.; Allen, c.; Willard, 1b.; Smith, 2b.; Beaman, 3b.; Edgerly, S. S.; Winslow, r. f.; Foster, c. f.; Tilden, l. f.

The game between '86 and '88, postponed on account of yesterday's rain, will be played in the early part of next week.

Seniors will find all their past (prescribed) themes in Sever 3. Themes not taken away before June 17 will be destroyed.

Yale is preparing to send a large delegation to Princeton to-day. The rates are exceeding low, but $4.90 being charged for the round trip.

The total base hits made by Dartmouth in their Brown game, 19 for 37, is the largest hitting on record in the Inter-collegiate Association.

The Shooting Club group, prevented last Thursday on account of rain, has been postponed till Wednesday next at the same place and time.

The Amherst nine won its first collegiate base-ball game on Wednesday, beating Williams, 10 to 9. This is not a league game.

The 'varsity crew pulled a trial race with the freshman crew on Wednesday last, and beat them easily by three lengths at the end of a half mile.

The single scull race to-day will be a one mile course, with the finish at the Union boat-house. The entries are Herron, '87, Fletcher, '87, and Dexter, '87.

"Johnny" Ward, captain of the New York League Club, and Princeton's former trainer, has taken second prize, $50, in Political Science, at Columbia College Law School, out of a class of 128. He played ball daily during the last term.

The first spring meeting of the New York State Inter collegiate Athletic Association was held at Geneva, N. Y., on May 30th. Cornell wins the cup with eight first prizes and three second, and Hamilton comes next with five firsts and two seconds.

An amateur photographer here, who took photographs of many of the events at the Mott Haven sports, has an instantaneous one of the start of the last heat in the hundred yards dash This picture should be published and circulated at every college, as showing the unfairness with which Harvard was treated. It is seen by the picture that every man but Holden over the line, while Bonine has already begun to run. Thus is chicanery by which Harvard lost the race becomes manifest.

The following is the standing of the clubs in the N. Y. S. I. B. B. A. at the present time:

Won. Lost.

Cornell, 6 0

Hobart, 2 1

Hamilton, 2 1

Syracuse, 1 3

Union, 1 4

Rochester, 0 3