Freshman Class Meeting.

The freshman class held its meeting yesterday afternoon at 4.30. Mr. A. B. Higginson, of St. Marks, was elected temporary chairman. After the usual preliminary confusion the election of the president, Mr. S. Dexter, was accomplished, from a field of four candidates. Mr. T. S. Woods, Boston Latin School, was elected vice president. After a close contest Mr. A. B. Higginson was chosen secretary. Then followed the election of Mr. R. R. Endicott, treasurer. At this juncture Professors C. J. White, Greenough and Paine entered. A violent stampede ensued among the sophomores, exit being found through the windows in the rear end of the room.

After this the meeting progressed more smoothly, and Mr. F. W. Slocum, Roxbury Latin, M. J. Vila, Boston Latin, Mr. A. B. Higginson, St. Pauls, and Mr. W. F. Gay were elected captains of the foot-ball, base-ball, crew and lacrosse respectively.

The members of the anniversary celebration committee were chosen as follows: the president, Mr. Dexter, and Messrs. C. H. Taylor and Burton. The three marshals for the celebration were elected together, Messrs. Hunnewell, Amory and Harding. During the meeting Mr. Peabody spoke a few words in behalf of the freshman lacrosse. The parliamentary bearing and business-like manner of the president were very favorably commented on by the upperclassmen present.