A Yale Parent's View of Yale.

The following extract from a letter of a distinguished American scholar, concerning his son's career at Yale may interest some of our readers: "My son is doing nobly at college. The hereditary instinct is beginning to assert itself at last. He has joined the Young Men's Christian Association; has been foremost in every class rush and ruction; claims to have disabled permanently two sophomores, - and is himself a mass of bruises from head to foot. His popularity has so grown that all the freshman secret societies are after him, and he has, as I understand, already joined several. From his last engagement he sought his room with one pantaloon leg and his shoes and stockings alone remaining of the garments he had on when 'he went in,' but fortunately was able to borrow a coat of a friend to gird about his loins.

Yale is undoubtedly the place to develop the manly virtues of piety, fortitude and courage."