The French Society.

At the meeting of the Society last evening the constitution drawn up by the committee was slightly amended and passed. Its chief points are as follows: The society shall be known as The Conference Francaise (Harvard French Society.) It shall be conducted in French, and have for its object the practice of the French tongue among its members. Debates, readings and literary entertainments will be held at its meetings. At the next meeting Mr. Bocher will give a reading which will be followed by a debate. All intending to join the society must send their names to Mr. Kalopothakes, of executive committee. The following officers were elected: President, L. McK. Garrison, '88; vice-president, M. D. Mitchell, '87; secretary and treasurer, F. D. Kalopothakes. '88; these officers and Prof. Cohn and Mr. A. A. Poey, '87, to form the Executive Committee. The reading was large and enthusiastic.

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