The Class Crews.

The conclusion of the foot-ball season, and the fact that all outside exercise is rendered impossible on account of the heavy fall of snow, have combined to turn interest in athletics to the gymnasium. And one is especially struck at the number of men who have started in to train for their respective class crews.

The seniors began work last Monday. A number of candidates have presented themselves, including several old ones. It is probable that this year's crew, with the exception of one or two men, will be the same as last year's. The following men are rowing at present: Fiske, Alexander, Knapp, Coolidge, Ayer, Weed, Blake, Dudley, Knowles.

A large number of men are trying for the junior crew. As yet no exercise has been taken, except at the chest-weights and with the light dumb-bells, but in a few days the candidates will begin work on machines. Yesterday afternoon the following men were at the gymnasium with Capt. Adams: Baldwin, Blossom, Homans, Cabot, Garrison, Page, Peale, Gleason, Carpenter, Appleton, Hervey and Davis.

It is said that the sophomores hope to have the same crew this year as last, and if such is the case, their chances are very good for the race this spring. With the exception of Capt. Davis, no old men have yet begun work. The new men are: Burr, Proctor, Howe, Hibbard, Ruland, Trafford, Newell and Woodbury.

The freshmen have been at work all through the fall, and are doing fairly well. This last week they have shown great improvement owing to Mr. Mumford's coaching. The foot-ball men have formed a new eight, and are already hard at work. At present the following men are trying for positions:

1st crew. Amory, Tilton, Matthews, Woods, Herrick, Sanford, Davenport, Hutchinson.

2nd crew. (Foot-ball men). Crehore, Hunnewell, Tyson, Piper, Lothrop, Harding, Slocum, Higginson.

The other men are: Gorham, Weld, Tilton, Page, Kuhn, Clifford, Richmond, Duncan, Cabot, Poor, Hill and Darling.

After the Christmas vacation the number will be reduced to two crews, who will work until the early part of next spring, when the representative crew and substitutes will be chosen.