HISTORY 13. The first 16 pages of this outline for the second half-year are ready for distribution at the office of the Co-operative Society, Assessment for the half-year $1.25.

UNIVERSITY LACROSSE TWELVE. Notice is hereby given to the candidates for the University Lacrosse twelve of the following reassignment of hours for cage work. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9 to 10, Davidson, Fay, Hall, Blodgett; 10 to 11, Towle, Peabody, Crane, Gray; 11 to 12, Williams, Goodale, Griswold, Latta. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 9 to 10, Blake, Peck, Moore, Hood; 10 to 11, Gardner, Dudley, Howes, Weed. Owing to the limited amount of time available, the practice in the cage of the other candidates will be suspended for the present.

F. C. HOOD, Capt.