No Headline

In a recent issue of the Boston Herald appeared a report of an interview with a prominent graduate of Yale. This gentleman advances some opinions which differ so materially from those generally expressed by graduates of our sister college as to excite some surprise. To put his statement in few words, he declares that the New Haven institution is in a bad way. He claims that its methods of instruction are far behind the times, and that they are inadequate to meet the demands of those who wish to keep pace with the present advance of education. After complaining of a few minor evils which exist in the management of the college, he closes with the prediction that the new president, whoever he may be, will find a heavy task before him in altering the present system of management to one which shall be in conformity with modern requirements.

This gloomy picture may be a trifle over-sombre in its coloring, yet the fact that a graduate of Yale has felt warranted in producing it would seem to show that it is but a question of time when even Yale will fall into line, and fellow the example set for her by more liberal Harvard.