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In the article on Electric Lighting the writer shows that electric lights could be supplied to the students for the same price that gas and kerosene now are. Of course, it is to be understood that the figures, as given, are merely estimates; but it is believed that in every case, whatever error there is, is on the right side: that is, that the estimates for the cost of electricity are invariably larger than necessary, while the estimate for the cost of gas is under rather than over the actual facts, so that in actual practice the cost of the electric lamps could be further reduced, thus making an actual saving to the student. Another improvement that might be made, would be to put in a thousand lamps, although with running capacity for nine hundred, thus giving many of the rooms as many as five lamps, which would be all that could possibly be required. As many of these would be in the bed rooms, certainly a hundred of them, there would never be any danger of having more than nine hundred out of the thousand lamps running at a time.