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A strict adherence to precedent is all very well in its way, but there is such a thing as carrying it too far. The way the Tuesday lectures are managed is perfectly abominable. The faculty seem to think that these lectures on professions are of no more interest to the college at large than those weekly lectures on Health which make such a scanty showing in the halls of Sever. Tuesday night every seat was filled by ten minutes past seven, nearly half an hour before the lecture began. After this there was nothing but standing room, and even that did not hold out long. Many students were turned away from the doors. In common justice to the students, these lectures should be given in Sanders Theatre. These two lectures would have been attended by far more men if there had been seating room for them. When it comes to some of the more popular subjects, such as Railroading, the hardships of giving the lectures in Sever will be even more apparent.