Queer English.

Amusing samples of the wonderful work done by certain members of the university, in translating French and German into English, have recently been given in these columns. It will perhaps be as interesting to read the English which a leading German firm of booksellers has produced in an advertising card. The following is copied verbatim;

Anders and Bufiet, recommend:

VIEWS OF BERLIN (separately and also in Fine maps).

TRAVELLING GUIDES, (in English and German language).

SOCIAL GAMES in a great selection.

CARDS FOR GRATULATION (quite new in a great deal of manners).

In particular, we further refer to the reproductions of the "National-Galerie" as of a very fine and magnificent ornament for the room. These pictures, published by the direction of the "National Galerie," are colored and of a middle great size; they exist both unframed (for rolling up) and also framed in a very splendid manner.

Especial still are to be found very nice PLAYING CARDS.


It would seem from this that Germans, as well as ourselves, experience difficulty in handling our language in connection with their own.