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The lecture last evening by Mr. Lodge was a fitting close to one of the most entertaining and instructive course of lectures to which the students have listened for some time. It was well that the use of leisure time should be considered from, so to speak, a professional standpoint. The lecturer recognized the tendency of our present mode of life toward a life of leisure combined with, and comprehended in sensible, remunerative work. It is the duty of every man who is blessed with an opportunity to rest from the sterner duties of life to so cultivate, so use his time that the highest good may result not only to himself, but also to his fellow men. The use of leisure time may be made of so much import to society that its abuse will result in a serious detriment to the character of society. It ought to be felt by every man of leisure that he is offered an opportunity to improve society by the proper use of that leisure. We trust that in the future we may have other professions represented in as instructive a manner as those which have already been discussed.