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The discussion of the cribbing question by the Conference Committee is interpreted by the Acta Columbiana in a manner that does gross injustice to the committee. Our contemporary says: "The Conference Committee at that college, in view of the cheating indulged in at the semi-annual examinations this year, has submitted a report to the faculty recommending that the penalty for cribbing be expulsion from the college instead of suspension." What the Conference Committee has done is this. Its members have recommended that the regulation regarding cribbing in the published rules, which prescribes suspension or other penalty judged proper by the faculty for cribbing, be stricken out, and that hereafter the penalty of separation from college be unwritten, but firmly understood. That is, cribbing would be taken from college offences, and placed where it belongs, beside stealing and such other offences, as require no statute to condemn them. Perhaps this mistake made by the Acta can be excused as natural, but the statement that the Conference was influenced by recent cheating, which, as one would judge by their statement, was increasing, is wholly false. Cribbing exists and has existed at Harvard, only as it exists in all other colleges, a method pursued only by a few desperate men, and tolerated through dormant college opinion.