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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON. - Now that thieves have extended their operations from the theft of umbrellas at Memorial to the larceny of money, gold watches, and other valuables from the gymnasium, it is time that the students became aroused to the evil and turned their attention to the detection of the culprits. It is certainly a disagreeable fact, but it seems hardly possible that a stranger could secure access to the dressing rooms and lockers without attracting the attention of the attendants or students. The suspicion that the malefactor is no outsider must force itself upon us, and ought to arouse every student to be watchful and vigilant, that this disgrace may be removed by the prompt detection and punishment of the guilty parties. Already two students of Harvard have been found guilty of theft the present year, and there would be less disgrace in the detection of more - if there are more among us - than in the knowledge that there are such men at Harvard unpunished.