Fact and Rumor.

Princeton has at last formed a lawn tennis association.

A summer course in Chemistry has been organized at Cornell.

The regatta of the Columbia college Boat Club takes place this afternoon.

A postgraduate course in political sciences is to be established at Yale.

Mr. A. Pulitzer of the New York World visited the college last Sunday.

Dr. Fnrnham delivers the last of his lectures on Health and Strength this evening.

The Spring concert of the Glee Club and Pierian Sodality promises to be very successful.

A gentleman has offered to present $300 for the benefit of Lafayette's track athletics, whenever their nine shall defeat Princeton's team. - Ex.

The lacrosse game with the Bostons was postponed yesterday on account of the rain.

Of the twenty men who go to Yale from St. Paul's next year, twelve will enter Sheff.

The game between '88 add '87 did not take place yesterday afternoon on account of the rain.

The first meeting of the new board of directors of the H. D. A. was held yesterday afternoon.

The '89 Chess Club won the first game in their match with the Columbia freshman club.

The Board of Overseers will take final action on the prayer petition in their meeting to-day.

The hour examination in German I will take place to-morrow and not to-day as stated before.

The Oberlin faculty refused to allow the students to invite Henry Ward Beecher to lecture before them.

The order of speakers for the Boylston Prize has been determined by lot and will be published to-morrow morning.

Professors Goodwin and Dyer intend going to hear the performance of the Greek play at the University of Pennsylvania.

The following have been elected to the Pi Eta from '87: Ames, Bourne, Buckingham. Haskell, E. C. Palmer, Stowell.

The Advocate dinner, held last night at Parker's was very successful and was greatly enjoyed by all those who attended it.

A new course in Fine Arts on ancient Mythology as it is embodied in painting and sculpture will probably be given next year.

The pamphlet to be used in connection with Professor Dunbar's lectures on the Financial History of the United States, in Political Economy I are now on sale at Sever's and the Co-operative.

Last Saturday, the weather chart published by the United States War Department was placed in the vestibule of the library. It is intended to have these charts posted every day, as they appear.