Dr. Farnham's Lecture.

Work is the foundation of happiness. The idler may possess wealth, social position, and all that would seem to make life happy, but nothing can fill the void made by the absence of work. If, however, a man depends, as is most often the case, on his own ability to make his way in the world, success can only come from hard work. Spencer well says, "The first requisite for success in life is to be a good animal." Sound health is indispensable to activity, either of the body or of the mind, but it must be remembered that eternal vigilance is the price of health. Under the pressure of modern civilization, the nervous system is now pushing the muscular system into the background, and good health is necessary to beat back the attacks of brain diseases. Man bears a heavy load of inherited diseases, due to the errors, sins, or misfortunes of his ancestors, but a knowledge of hygienic laws and efficient sanitary regulations can effect wonders in checking disease. The sanitary system of England has decreased the death rate in the last ten years to a considerable extent. From 1871 80 the death rate decreased on an average of 1144 annually to every million inhabitants. In Massachusetts, for the last four years, the death rate has decreased. It is a startling fact, however, that deaths from brain diseases have increased 200 per cent. faster than the population.

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