H. A. A.

To-day there will be two attempts to make new records in the short distance runs. Baker, '86, will try to equal or better 10s., the record made by E. J. Wendell in the 100 yards, and Wells, '86, will try to run 440 yards in less than Baker's record, 50 1-4s. Fiske, '86. will be given a start of 3 yards in the 100, and Wheeler, '86, 30 yards in the quarter. It will depend on the weather conditions as to whether the track at Beacon or Mystic Park is used. Those who wish to see the races must be ready to start from the gymnasium at 3 o'clock. The officials are: starter, Davidson, '85; timers, Mr. Lathrop, Thompson, '87, Trask. '85.