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The inevitable victory which the CRIMSONS scored yesterday over the Peachblows serves as a fitting climax to the long series of successes which we have to record. Let us with due modesty recall them. The CRIMSON to-day holds the inter-press tug-of-war championship, won in '83, the championship in the oared scratch race, (Oct. 11, 1884), and the championship of the inter-press foot ball elevens, (Nov. 10, 1885). The CRIMSON nine of '85 paralled the record of the great 'varsity nine, losing not even an exhibition game. Yesterday for the second time, the representatives of the CRIMSON won the amateur base-ball championship of the university and captured the cups offered by the management of the H. U. B. B. C. If there is another field to which we can now turn for laurels, we shall be happy to hear of such through our drop-box at Memorial. We take this opportunity to offer a formal challenge to any amateur lacrosse twelve in the university to contest for the championship in that sport.