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The list of the graduate anniversary committee, which appeared yesterday, gives assurance of a successful celebration as far as the graduate portion of the festivities goes. The distinguished men on the list will do honor to the occasion, not only by their action, but by their names. And now comes the result of the meeting of the undergraduate committee, which occurred last night, as reported in another column, to confirm our hopes of a celebration next autumn which shall do our Alma Mater more than credit in the eyes of the world. We think the order of the festivities as allotted for the three different days, is an excellent one. Sunday coming between the two days of the greater eclat will tend to relieve the monotony which must otherwise ensue from three successive days of uproar. The features of the undergraduate celebration will undoubtedly suit the exigencies of the case, and be such as will best allow the students to manifest their interest in this anniversary. We hope that much reference will be made to like celebrations which have occurred in older countries. For, although we desire something original and peculiar to our native land, still having few precedents in this matter in our own country, we should look to those who have already had experience abroad.