Fact and Rumor.

There was a cut in History 5 yesterday.

A Shooting Club dinner is soon to take place.

Mr. R. T. Paine, Jr., has been elected a regular editor of the CRIMSON.

A junior at Yale has formed a class to learn the Hawaiin language.

The junior promenade at Yale will occur on the first of February.

There will be a three hour examination in Engineering 2, to-morrow, Thursday.

The result of the amount of freshman scholarships will be posted on Thursday a.m.

'90 sets an example of the proper method of obtaining a large mass meeting by early previous posting.

Members of Philosophy 4 will have till Saturday next, to finish the fourth thesis of the course, on Adam Smith.

Amherst has been unable to secure an instructor in English literature, so the course in that study will be omitted.

The candidates for the nine of the University of Pennsylvania are being trained by "Bobby" Matthews of the Athletics.

Theatricals were to be given by Columbia on Friday and Saturday evenings of last week for the benefit of their crew.

Dr. Wadlstein, lately selected as permanent director of the American School at Athens, is a Columbia College graduate.

'90 is now practising for the tug-of-war.

If numbers are of any account, there will be no chance for our opponents at Mott Haven this spring.

Miss Fortescue the celebrated English actress, attended by a friend and chaperone visited Memorial Hall, yesterday during lunch time.

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