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A communication printed in another column sheds some new light upon the much discussed library book problem. We have received and published so many complaints regarding the use of books or rather the abuse of the privileges offered in the use of them that the general opinion must have obtained that the students were an irresponsible set of mischievous school children, and also that the library management was very inadequate. While rare instances of abuse may have occurred, we feel sure that a grain of patience added to a grain of comprehension could be taken by the grumblers with good effect. The books which cannot be found are not always "surreptitiously taken by a member of - ," as the communication of yesterday in regard to the binder showed. The communication to-day speaks of their being left on the tables in the reading room. While we certainly condemn this habit of not returning them to their proper places after using them, on the other hand we think that those who fail to find books at the first touch, should show a little mercy in looking for them before rushing into print with complaints and unjust accusations.

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