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The enterprise of the Total Abstinence League in receiving such able and entertaining speakers as Col. Thomas W. Higginson and Gen. John L. Swift is to be greatly commended. Those who have been fortunate enough to listen to the scholarly and eloquent addresses of Col. Higginson and those who have heard the brilliant and witty speeches of Gen. Swift will appreciate the opportunity given them to-night. Col. Higginson is well known to us all. Of Gen. Swift, we would like to say that a more amusing speaker, a better story teller, has rarely appeared before American audiences. He is often compared with John B. Gough in the vividness of his illustration and in his ready wit. Now there is no doubt that a very large audience will be present. Why was not Sanders Theatre secured for this evening instead of Sever 11? We feel sure that Sever 11 will be crowded to its utmost capacity, and there is a strong probability that many students will be unable to gain admission. All of us know to our cost in what numbers the citizens of Cambridge gather together when there is any lecture of special interest under the auspices of Harvard or any college society. The lecture to-night is open to the public. If the Total Abstinence League really desires that the students of the university should enjoy the addresses this evening, it is to be hoped that they will try, even at this late date, to secure Sanders Theatre. We earnestly hope that it will be possible to do so.