Professor Drummond will address students again this evening at 6.45, probably in Sever 11. Notice will be put on bulletins. He will be glad to see students who wish to call on him between 2.30 and 4.30 at No. 1 Wadsworth House.

H. U. F. B. A.-The following men will assemble in Bartletts at 12 o'clock sharp. They will please bring their suits: Piper, '90, Wood, '88, Morse, '89, Markoe, '89, Butler, '88, Cumnock, '91, Harding, '89, Porter, '88, Saxe, '88, Sears, '89, Schroll, L. S., and Noble, '88.

A. F. HOLDEN, Captain.Harvard Cricket Eleven.-The following men will be at Bartlett's tomorrow morning at 11.40 sharp to start for Medford: Quinby, C. F. Judson, Hammond, Barron, Longstreth, Barney, Ellis, R. D. Brown, Sullivan. Any of the following men who can go at that time will please report at 35 Matthews, between 8.30 and 10 a. m.: Markoe, Dexter, Clyde, Myers.

R. D. BROWN, Manager.