Amateur Foot-Ball.

An exciting amateur game of foot-ball took place yesterday morning on Jarvis, between teams from Memorial Hall tables, 1 and 24. The former played Dana, Rantou, '88; Chase, '89; Deivey (centre), Monroe, Seelye, Bailey, Bingham, quarter-back; Gleason and Edwards. backs, having only ten men. Table 24 is made up entirely of Law School men, and they played, McAllister, Giddings, Grinstead, Boyden (centre), Newhall, Frye, Russell, Gorham, quarter-back; Willard and Ashe, half-backs; Wells, full-back.

The playing was sharp and fairly scientific, while the men were fresh, and the only score inthe first half was made by Table 1, and a goal kicked made the score 6-0, in their favor. In the second half, Table 1 began to weaken and four touchdowns were scored against them, from which three goals were kicked. During the second half, however, Edwards, by a magnificent run scored for Table 1, from which a goal was kicked, making the score at the end, 22-12, in favor of Table 24. For the winning side McAllister, Ashe and Gorham did some really good work, while Bingham, Chase, Edwards and Monroe did most of the work for Table 1. A large crowd of enthusiastic spectators wildly cheered on the contestants. Mr. Osgood Smith, of the Law School refereed with mathematical impartiality.