Fact and Rumor.

There is a serious outbreak of scarlet fever at Oxford University, England.

The barge has been put in its position in the tank at Yale.

Lost, strayed or stolen, the class championship in football for 1887.

The Harvard Index for 1887-88 will be out next Monday.

The H. A. A. cups won this fall in the athletic meetings and the hare and hounds runs are at Leavitt and Peirce's.

It is said that the faculty of the Maine State College indulge in regular rifle practice.

The Republican national convention will take place in Chicago, June 19, 1888.

The December North American Review has a remarkable essay by Mr. Gladstone on the "Unity of History."

All petitions for changes of electives handed in before Dec. 8th have been acted upon. Students can learn particulars from Mr. Bolles, secretary.

The 1887-88 catalogue of the Mass. Inst. of Technology has just been issued, and shows the total number of students in all departments to be 818-an increase of 71 over last year.

Yesterday's Herald contains an editorial on Emerson and Darwin which from a literary point of view is far above the work generally found in the daily papers.

The rehearsal of the chorus which will sing on Sunday evening at the Globe Theatre was very successful, and a great proficiency in congregational singing was evinced.

Following is the program of this evening's symphony concert in Boston:

Haydn Symphony in G major, No. 6.

Schubert-Liszt-Funeral March in E flat minor.

Weber-Overture to "Der Freischuetz."

When Rev. Phillips Brooks was in Philadelphia lately, he was asked about the results of the system of voluntary chapel prayers at Harvard University, which has replaced the immemorial compulsory services. He replied in substance: "Instead of seven or eight hundred, as formerly, there are now one hundred and fifty; but those one hundred and fifty are animated by a sincere spirit of devotion. The constraint and formality has passed away. And (whether or not, as a consequence of the change) the general religious tone of the University has been, of late, greatly elevated and improved.-Presbyterian.