Fact and Rumor.

Mr. R. E. Neil Dodge has been elected an editor of the Monthly.

Vesper service this afternoon at 5 o'clock.

Symphony concert to-night in Sanders Theatre at 7.45.

There was very fair skating yesterday on Glacialis.

Facts will tell. New Haven votes for license by over 2,000 majority.

Nine of the Andover eleven expect to enter Yale next year.

Only three of the Exeter eleven will remain there next year.

There will be an hour examination in Political Economy IV. on Monday, December 19.

The future meetings of the Conference Francaise will be held in its new room in upper Dane Hall.

According to a student, the average expenditure at Dartmouth College is $440 for the college year.

Harpers Young Folks will, in a coming issue, contain a picture of Beecher, of Yale, and the account of his foot-ball career.

The Princeton says that but four men are trying for the Harvard 'varsity crew. As a matter of fact, there are nineteen candidates.

Prof. Drummond is soon to be married to the daughter of the Earl of Aberdeen.- Amherst Student.

Subscriptions are being asked in New York for a scholarship fund of $3,000 for the Harvard Annex.- Princetonian.

It is probable that after this year the Christmas vacation at Yale will be of three weeks' duration.

Harry Bethune, the celebrated sprinter, is said to have run 101 1-2 yards in 9 3-4 seconds last week in Philadelphia.