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It is with deep regret that we feel obliged to call attention once more to the selfishness of certain undergraduates in refusing to give up their rooms to seniors on class-day. Several cases have recently been brought to our notice where the courteous requests of seniors for the use of rooms have been flatly refused. We can find no excuse for such actions on the part of these students. In order to entertain the host of their friends on class-day and to make their guests regard class-day as a pleasure, not as a weary trial, seniors must have the use of many rooms. If these cannot be secured in the college buildings, the only remedy is to engage them outside at a great expense, and often at great inconvenience to guests. By time-honored custom undergraduates have always courteously yielded up their rooms to seniors on class-day, thus showing due consideration for the feelings of the senior on this, perhaps the most trying day of his life. But now certain men refuse to follow this custom, simply because they wish selfishly to have the use of their own rooms on that day, when nearly every senior is a host and hundreds of their guests demand accommodation. Such action is intensely mean and thoroughly detestable. We trust that it is simply thoughtlessness that has caused these under-class men to refuse. With the case thus put before them they should not hesitate a moment to offer their rooms to those who so sadly need them on class-day.