Fact and Rumor.

There are only eight men training for the Cornell crew.

The Yale freshman athletic meeting will be held early in May.

W. H. Thayer, '89, has been elected a regular editor of the CRIMSON.

There is an unusually large amount of sickness at Yale this spring.

Written examinations were first introduced at Princeton in 1845.

The Yale nine will probably play a game with the Bostons on April 27.

The Berlin Rowing Club has written to this country to obtain an American trainer.

The Yale and Columbia tug-of-war teams will pull in New Haven on St. Patrick's day.

The Dartmouth with 1,100 copies leads the American college publications, in circulation.

The concert in Horticultural Hall next Friday evening promises to be unusually good.

The students of Georgia University have organized a strong boycott against several of their boarding places.

At the winter meeting at Yale last week three records were broken, the running high jump by one inch, the pole vault by 1-6 inch, and the high kick by two inches; the last is only two inches less than the world's record.

At the annual election of the New York Athletic Club, Wednesday, William R. Travers was elected president.

Many students at Wesleyan are obliged to room in private houses on account of the crowded condition of the dormitories.

Williams College will have no freshman nine this year, but will devote her entire energy to her 'Varsity team of which Perry, '87, is captain.

A fair is soon to be held under the auspices of the Dartmouth Base-ball Association, the proceeds of which are to go toward paying off the debt of $800.

There will be five of last year's nine on the Technology team this year. Smith of last year's Harvard nine and Edgerton of Cornell will probably play on the nine also.

The base ball uniform of Williams will consist of gray trousers, black stockings, black leather belt and white jersey with a black W woven in the front of it.

E. L. Caldwell, Yale, '87, the stroke of last year's crew, who had determined not to row this year, has yielded to the earnest solicitation of boating men and is now in training with the crew.

A meeting of members of the class of 1862 was held Saturday to arrange for the celebration of its 25th anniversary. It was decided to have the usual dinner the evening before commencement day, at one of the hotels, and the customary celebration at the college commencement day.

Last evening a spiritualistic seance was held in Lyceum Hall, which was highly successful except that the pastor of a certain Cambridge parish shrewdly guessed the way the feats were performed and gave the whole thing away in a manner exceedingly painful for the somewhat corpulent medium.

At Johns Hopkins University every year twenty members of the graduating class are chosen as Fellows and remain to pursue a course of study in some branch in which they have shown themselves proficient. They hold an intermediate position between the faculty and the students, occasionally giving lectures. - Ex.