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As a pendant to Mr. Wendell's article on "Social Lite at Harvard" there appears in the current number of "Lippincott's Magazine" an admirable essay on "Social Life at Princeton," written by E. M. Hopkins, '88, of that college. Though the individual features of college life may vary quite considerably in the Eastern colleges, it is noticeable that there is but little fluctuation in the broader lines. Men are the same all the world over, and why should we expect the students of one college to be afflicted with greater sins or gifted with greater virtues than those of another. We live a very self-absorbed life here at Harvard, and our contact with other colleges is only in the open air and on the athletic field. We make no approach to one another in our study-rooms or in social life. A glimpse into the social life of our friends at Princeton must be welcome to many of us and we print the extracts from this article on the first page to stimulate our readers to turn to the magazine for the whole of it.