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On Saturday the base-ball season opens with a Harvard-Columbia game in New York and a Yale-Princeton game at New Haven. It is to be hoped that a large delegation of Harvard men will support the nine in this, the first important game of the season. With the great disadvantages which Harvard has had, a late season, few practice games, and those few with weak nines, the nine does not meet, on anywhere near equal terms, with the other members of the league, who have not only enjoyed an earlier season, but have played some of the strongest professional nines. Now this is all the more reason why the nine should receive enthusiastic support. If the game with Columbia is won, members of the nine will work with life and interest for the rest of the season; but to lose the first game, would certainly be a result which Harvard, under the present condition of base-ball matters, must find disastrous. Let a large number of men, then, go to New York. Well supported by the college, the Harvard nine will not fail to do itself credit, even if victory does not come in the game with Columbia.