Note and Comment.

James V. Harnett is an old Yale man of leisure who lives in Boston. He was at the Fifth Avenue hotel last night, and was asked if he thought Yale would win this year.

"Harvard has a heavier and perhaps a more muscular crew than Yale. Harvard always sends a fine eight to the Thames. The men are rowing daily, stripped to the waist, and their bodies are as brown as a nut from exposure. Then, too, Harvard men always have good coaching. Whether they win or not, no one can say that there has been a Harvard crew for years that has not rowed handsomely. I saw this year's Harvard eight on Charles river one day last week. They were returning from a long and arduous practice pull, and, although they were very tired, they were swinging along in that steamboat style which always makes Harvard so effective on race day. The men seem to get into the swing about as soon as they get positions in the boat. The men are in liberal training. They have the faults in the recovery of not feathering their oars, and they pause too long at the inception of the stroke, as the oar is about to be struck into the water. Barring these defects, which can be remedied easily, Harvard is already pulling as well as it did last season, and I think it likely that the crimson crew will prove stronger than the blues."

"Whether Harvard will outrow Yale is another matter. Yale has the advantage this year of an accomplished coach, Perry Bolton. They are a set of large, beefy men, in superb condition, and are pulling about ten miles a day. They are raw and ragged in their work in the boat. Their raggedness, however, is so much more noticeable than Harvard's that I have based my opinion as to Harvard's probable chances upon it. A new coxswain goes in the Yale boat this year. Thompson, a little freshman weighing less than 100 pounds, will take the seat in which the tiny Cadwell urged the eight on to victory. Cadwell was a man whose self-control added greatly to the strength of the Yale crew, and I am sure that the new man has equally as good nerve. - New York Post.