The Candidates for the Eleven Begin Practice.

Yesterday afternoon candidates for the 'Varsity foot-ball team met for practice on Jarvis Field for the first time this fall. On account of the earliness of the season and the stormy weather, there were not so many men on the field as is usual on the first day of practice. Most of those who presented themselves as candidates for the eleven were upper class men, who have played on the 'Varsity or class teams. Among them were the following: Holden, '88, captain. Porter, '88; Wood, '88; Butler, '88; Harding, '89, of last year's eleven, and Bancroft, '88 and Perry, '89, substitutes; Appleton, '88; Noble, '88; Carpenter, '88; Morgan, '89; Morse, '89; Trafford, '89; Howe, '89: Tilton, '90; Hunnewell, '90; Slocum. '90; Crane, '90.

It is expected that a much larger number of men will appear on Jarvis ready for work this afternoon. There were few or no freshman apparent to the naked eye yesterday, but undoubtedly some will overcome their coyness and appear in the field today. There must be some men in so large a class as the freshman class is said to be, who know how to play foot-ball; and there certainly is plenty of raw material which a little practice will develop. Some of the vacancies left by the outgoing class last year must be filled by men from Ninety one. It is to be hoped, therefore, that many freshmen will take courage to-day and come on the field whether they know the game or not.

In the spite of the rain, many went out on Jarvis to see the practice begin. The ground however, proved too slippery for effective work, and after a brief game the playing ceased.

The large number of spectators who were attracted to Jarvis Field, in spite of the wet ground and cloudy sky, show clearly what a strong interest is felt in the prospects of Harvard College in the coming contest.

Stimulated by the excellent record made by our team last fall, the interest in foot ball has grown very much during the last year, and if it proves strong enough to bring out as many players as it does spectators, our chances for the championship this year will be greatly increased.