Jimmy McCoshen.


Jimmy McCoshen! may his tact increase!

A woke in Sander's from a dream of peace;

And there-surrounded by some learned swells.

Each of whom beams as he their strong point tells,

Fair Harvard's president he did behold-

The restful snooze had rendered Jimmy bold;

So to our smiling President he said: "What have ye there?" Our Prexy raised his head,

And answered with unfailing courtesy, "I'm giving out degrees of L. L. D."

"Hast one for me?" said Jimmy. "Nay, not so!"

Replied the Prexy. Jimmy spoke less low,

And said, "Aha! ye're slighting me, I see,

Ye should have given me an L. L. D." Prex smiled, and Jimmy vanished. The next night

In Princeton's wilds came the awakening light-

A Harvard L. L. D. lay in his drawer, And, on it, Jimmy's name-twelve years before.

[The above satire was written by Mr. Evert Jansen Wendell, '82, for the dinner of the Harvard Club, of Philadelphia, Feb. 19th, 1887, and the dinner of the Harvard Club, of New York, Feb. 21st, 1887. It has never been printed before, and it has been Mr. Wendell's desire that, if published at all, it should first appear in the columns of the CRIMSON, with which he was formerly connected. We take great pleasure in printing the clever little satire, which needs no further explanation.-EDS]