Freshman Crew.

There are now about thirty candidates in training for the freshman crew, and this number will be considerably increased later in the season by men from the football team. The men practice rowing daily under the instruction of W. J. Farquhar, coxswain of the '91 crew, using the '88 barge by squads. The average weight is about 147 pounds; the heaviest candidates are W. B. Stearns, 172. and S. L. Cromwell, 170; and the lightest, R. C. Robbins, 122. The following men are now in training: J. H. Kindder, (captain), N. Rantoul, R. Cobb, G. Lowell, M M. Smith, M. Porter, S. L. Cromwell, F. N. Watriss, C. P. Cheney, F. E. Stetson, J. C. Powers, F. W. Johnson, J. T. Heard, W. M. Weed, F. Ames, R. C. Robbins, C. Burgess, G. B. Viles, H. H. White, F. H. Chace, W. C. Damon, C. Walcott, H. J. Coolige, B. Rounsaville, S. P. Duffield, W. F. Duane, J. L. Putnam, N. D. Boardman.