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It has been brought to our notice that very little interest has been shown thus far by the freshmen in the Shooting Club. This club, it seems to us, offers great attractions to men who are fond of handling a gun and among the large number of men in the freshmen class there must be many who aspire to become sharp-shooters. It is the custom to arrange a match with the University of Pennsylvania team in the spring and this shoot has always been one of the interesting events of the year. Besides this match ample opportunity is given for practice in the weekly shoots held alternately on Wednesdays and Fridays. To systematize the practice and to keep alive the interest in the club three matches are shot every regular meeting day, each match continuing through h three weeks. The member who makes the best scores on two days out of the three is declared winner of the match and is awarded a prize. One of the three matches is open particularly to freshmen. The initiation fee is small in comparison with the privileges gained by membership. We hope that a larger number of men may be induced to join the Shooting Club and to compete for a place on the team chosen to meet Pennsylvania.