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One of the greatest evils which a large university like Harvard has to contend with is that the larger the university, the fewer the opportunities the students will have to come in contact with the instructors outside of their courses. There should be occasions on which the students and members of the faculty can meet as man to man and exchange opinions. The gain would not be wholly to the students. Matured men may learn much from earnest young fellows. Our college conference meetings give us the desired opportunity. Meetings will be held every fortnight, at which prominent members of the faculty, and even outsiders will speak to the students informally on questions of the day, especially on subjects connected with the college. The informality of such an occasion is its greatest advantage. The speaker is always glad to receive suggestions from the audience, and debate on the question at hand is encouraged. This is a precious opportunity. There are some evils in our University, as in every worthy institution. Why can we not talk them over here and perhaps find a way to eradicate them? Let every man give the matter careful consideration, and then attend the next conference meeting.