Interscholastic Challenge.

The Cambridge Latin and High School eleven has but one more game to play in the interscholastic series, and has practically won the challenge cup.

The cup which is offered by six Harvard men is of solid silver and very heavy. It is between eight and nine inches high and about the same in diameter. The body of the cup resembles in shape half a Rugby foot-ball. About the top of the cup is a band of olive leaves in raised silver, and below this is another band on which is placed the name of the cup. Upon the wide space below, which runs round the body of the cup, are morning glories and leaves raised in silver, the leaves being left blank for the inscriptions of the names of winning teams and players from year to year. At some distance below this is an imitation of a ribbon in repose work, which runs around the cup and twines about the handles, and on which are the names of the donors. The cup rests on four lions' claws in heavy silver, and in each claw is a tiny foot-ball.