Class Day Elections at Princeton.

Last week the following officers were elected from the senior class at Princeton:-

Master of Ceremonies-W. James George, Ohio.

Class President-D. Bovaird, Philadelphia.

Class Secretary-L. S. Mudge, New Jersey.

Class Orator-R. E. Speer, Philadelphia.

Class Poet-W. L. Merrill, N. Y.

Ivy Orator-T. W. Hotchkiss, Jr., N. Y.

Class Historian-J. C. Gray, D. C.

Presentation Orator-W. B. Segur, Vermont.

Prophet-J. F. Stebbins, New York.

Censor-W. H. King, New Jersey.

Washington's Birthday Orator-Jas. Hunter, New York.

Class of '76 Prize Debater-H. G. Drummond, New Jersey.

Class Day Committee-F. S. Minot, C. B. Mitchell, W. R. Bonsal, J. R. Barr, G. K. Edwards, J. E. Shrady, M. Alexander, W. E. Durell, F. Neher, J. R. Thorpe, W. M. Paxton, R. H. Life, and P. A. Rollins. Alternates-C. D. Van Wagenen and F. S. Katzenenbach, Jr.

Ode Committee-F. S. Minot, G. H. Carter and T. H. P. Sailer.

Nassau Herald Committee-I. P. Cole, W. P. Atkinson, W. H. Schofield and D. R. Todd.