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The interest in football among the "non-professionals," as those who have not played on regular teams are sometimes called, has been greater this fall than ever before. Frequently during the regular foot ball season "scrub" games took place; and since Thanksgiving scarcely a pleasnt day has passed without witnessing one or two matches. This lively interest in football is a good omen for the game and the advantages arising from such informal matches are obvious. Often men who otherwise would never take the opportunity to learn the game, turn out to be very fine players from the prace ice they get in these contests, and the exercise they afford to all is invaluable. That this interest may not be allowed to lag, but rather may be encouraged as much as possible in the future, we would suggest to the football management that a series of amateur matches be instituted and a set of cups be offered for the winners. We make the suggestion now, that, if the plan be considered worthy of trial, what few measures are necessary may be taken when the time of the manager is the least likely to be filled with the regular duties of his office.