Foot-ball at Columbia.

Although Columbia had no 'varsity eleven this fall, a great deal of interest was taken in foot-ball. Class teams were formed, and every day the men went up to the polo grounds to practice. An inter class series of games was arranged, and on November 30th the freshmen defeated the sophomores by a score of 12 to 8. This defeat of '91 was a great surprise to all, and was principally due to the excellent work of the freshmen backs. On the same days the juniors played the seniors, and easily won by a score of 30-0. This left the championship between '90 and '92. The final game was played last Saturday on the polo grounds, and the freshmen, who were greatly weakened by the absence of some of their best men, were easily defeated by the juniors. Score, 28 to 0. Beside these teams there was a team composed of the best players at Columbia; they had games with Athletic Clubs' elevens of New York, and played a very strong game, winning generally.