The Lacrosse Team.

For the first time in the history of Harvard lacrosse, the candidates have had regular practice in the fall. The daily practice began about four weeks ago, and will continue as long as the weather permits. The management has shown great energy in taking this step, but is only met half way by the major ity of candidates, who think that practice twice a week is sufficient. The prospects of the 'varsity and freshman teams are good. Seven men of last year's 'varsity team will probably be on next year's team, but the other seven vacant positions-five regular, two substitutes-will have to be filled by men who have never before handled a lacrosse stick. The members of last year's team who have been out this fall are Griffing (captain), Kilvert, Griswold, Rourke, Wells and Thorndike. About twelve freshmen are out practicing, but they will not work as a freshman team until spring, when a captain and a manager will be elected. They are playing a good game, but lack experience; still they have some excellent players and will furnish three or four men to the 'varsity. Among those who have been out practicing this fall are: Allen, '92; Amory, '91; Brewster, '90; Brewster, '92; Bunker, '89; R. H. Davis, '91; H. A. Davis, '91; Eaton, '90; Everett, '91; Hall, '91; Hall, '92; Halliday, '91; Hudson, L. S.; Huntress, '91; Jones, '91; Latta, '89; Loring, '92; Naumberg, '89; Reisner, '89; Rust, L. S; Stead, '91; Stetson, '92; Van Du Zee, '89; Vorse, '89; White, Wright, L. S., and Stickney, '91. A number of players have promised to come out in the spring, amongst whom are Harding, '89; Henshaw, '90; Harding, '92, Tudor, '91, and King, '91.