Co-operative Society Bulletin.

During this week (ending March 31) there will be a continuance of the CLEARANCE SALE OF BOOKS.

Many of the books already reduced but remaining unsold will be further reduced from day to day; but nearly all books unsold at the end of the week will be held at their old prices. Almost the entire stock (the exceptions being a few text-books and several books just purchased) is offered at an average loss of ten percent. A few of the notable bargains are:-

Langley: "New Astronomy," $5.00-for $2.00.

"Imperial Encyclopaedia," 2 vols., sheep, $15.00-for $4.00.

Dyer: "Modern Europe," 4 vols., tree calf, cost $20.00-for $15.00.

Creighton: "Papacy during the Reformation," 4 vols., $17.50-for $9.50.

Ranke: "History of England," 6 vols., $16.00 net-for $12.00.

Von Holst: "U. S. History," 5 vols., $17.50 net-for $12.50; each. vol., $2.60.

Ihne: "History of Rome," 5 vols., $16.50 net-for $13.00.

British Poets-any vol. of Riverside edition, $1.50-for 90 cents; half calf, $3.00-for $1.80.

Worcester's Dictionary, Indexed, for $7.00.


A lot has just come in, among which the following are of unusual interest:

Mahaffy: "Greek Life and Thought." Venn: "Logic of Chance."

Hill: "Wit and Wisdom of Samuel Johnson."

Jeans: "Life and Letters of Cicero." Mrs. Oliphant: "The Makers of Venice."