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It is with much regret that the CRIMSON finds itself compelled to call attention to a great and growing evil connected with Memorial Hall-namely, the prevalence during meal hours of disorderly conduct on the part of some of the members of the University. The tendency to disorder was noticed early last fall, and attempts were made to check it by placing marked copies of the rules of the Association on the tables where the disorder occurred. These attempts failed and the evil has steadily increased. The offences consist mainly in the throwing of articles of food between members of the same table or of contiguous tables. Regular bombardments are sometimes begun and continued until the floor is strewn with the wasted food and until everybody in the neighborhood is thoroughly disgusted. Students who dine at Memorial should remember that the discipline of the Hall depends chiefly upon the observance of the rules of good conduct by each individual. The Board of Directors naturally hesitates to tranform itself into a police tribunal to censure or to expel disorderly members; but it is plain to us that one of two things must take place: either those who have been guilty of the practice spoken of must radically change their behavior in the Hall or the Directors must proceed to the extreme measures which lie in their power. It is safe to say that the greater part of the members would uphold the Directors; but we hope that an appeal to the gentlemanly feelings of those who have been to blame will not be fruitless. It is certainly not a thing for congratulation that the disorder among the students should be noticed and remarked upon by visitors in the gallery.