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Friday night will occur the concert of the Freshman Glee and Banjo Clubs in Lyceum Hall. This feature of the spring term is so well established as to need no introduction to the students. Judging from the past, the coming concert cannot fail to be a success both musically and socially. But, in addition to this, there is musical talent of a high order in both organizations, as those who have already heard the clubs can testify. The freshmen have devoted much time to earnest practice, and have given several concerts outside of Cambridge. No better opportunity than this has afforded itself to the upper-classmen of showing their appreciation of the earnest work done by the freshmen, and it is to be hoped that the former will avail themselves of the privilege of hearing both clubs. The CRIMSON certainly wishes the Freshman Glee and Banjo Clubs, as well as the class athletic organizations, the utmost success, and urges the upper-classmen to show their interest in the coming concert by their patronage, as well as by their good will.