H. A. A. Class Meeting.

The H. A. A. meeting yesterday afternoon was a very successful one from almost every point of view. One Harvard record was broken, and had the weather been more favorable two intercollegiate ones would probably have been changed. The meeting was well handled, twenty-one events being put through in two hours. The first race was the '91 120-yards hurdle race. Bell and Bodley were the entries. Bodley after clearing the first hurdle merely acted as pacemaker, running along outside the hurdles. Bell's time was 17 3-5 seconds, which beats the old Harvard record-17 3-4 seconds. Bell is a good hurdler, and if he would only practice has a show of getting a place in the New York game. The '91 twomile bicycle race came next. Brown, Bailey and Davis were the starters. Davis set the pace at the beginning of the last lap, when all started to spurt. Bailey got a bad fall as he was turning the first corner. Davis and Brown had a lively dash on the back stretch, but Davis managed to come in ahead. Time 6m. 20 1-2s. Crosby, Moen and Bodley came to the scratch for the '91 100-yards dash. Bodley was set back a yard for a false start. Moen came in first in 10 2-5s., followed closely by Bodley. Lund had a walk-over in the '88 100-yards dash. In spite of a slow start he made 10 2-5s. The '91 mile-walk brought out Howe and Brackett. The first quarter was a lively one, the men keeping close together and forcing each other. Then Howe began to gain, winning in 7m. 31 3-5s. The '88 half-mile was now called. Cogswell had the pole, Dana next, and Miles outside. They ran in this order until about twenty yards from the finish, when Miles spurted and came in second. Cogswell's time was 2m. 1 4-5s. The '91 440-yards dash was between Stead, Bodley and Priest. Bodley set a rattling pace for the first 220 yards and kept first place throughout. Stead was second. Time 53 1-2s. Sturgis and Endicott were the starters in the '90 440-yards dash. Endicott led until the homestretch, when Sturgis passed him, making the distance in 54 seconds. Davenport and Downs ran the '90 half-mile. Both men ran in fine form. Downs won in 2m. 4 4-5s. '89 100-yards dash brought out Merrill and Mandell. Mandell won in 10 2-5s. Stegman and Derrick started in the '91 half-mile race. Stegman won in 24 2-5s. The '91 mile run had R. B. Hale and Davis for starters. Hale won in 5m. 3 4-5s. Wheelwright won the '90 running broad jump over Wolff, at 18 ft. 5 in. Pennypacker put the shot 38 ft., winning over Gibson. Bodley and Bell now ran two-thirds of the distance of the 220 yards hurdle race for '91. Bell acted as pace-maker for Bodley this time. Bodley covered the distance in 18 3-5s. Harlow and Noble started to race the same distance. Noble finished but Harlow struck on the fourth hurdle and hurt his knees so that he was obliged to stop. Mandell and Merrill now ran the '89 220-yards dash. Mandell won in 23 2-5s. Crosby, Bodley and Moen from '91 ran the same distance. Moen won in 23 3-5s., with Bodley second. The '88 220-yards dash was not run. The meeting ended with hammer throwing by Pennypacker and Gibson, '88. Gibson won with a throw of 87 ft. 5 in. Messrs. Fiske, '86, Keene, '91, and Lathrop acted as judges and timers; Mr. Wright as judge of walking and starter.