The Class Crews.

From all appearances, the class races this year will be very evenly contested. The freshmen are rowing better than is usual for this time of the year. It is impossible to say which of the other three crews has the best chance of winning. The senior crew is made up as follows:-

Position. Name. Weight.

Stroke, Hale, 147 1bs.

7, Butler. 160 1bs.

6, Bradlee, 165 1bs.

5, Appleton, 165 1bs.

4, Williams, 158 1bs.

3, Baldwin, 152 1bs.

2, Porter, 156 1bs.

Bow, Tooker, 152 1bs.

Coxswain, Brown, 96 1bs.

Baldwin and Tooker are new men. All other members of the crew are old ones. They are rowing about the same stroke as last year. They catch the water easily and get a very strong finish. Their body work is wretched. They do not bring their legs down together. The blade work is the best on the river. The time is very good. During the last few days, under the careful coaching of Mr. James Storrow, the crew has made wonderful improvement.

The junior crew:-

Position. Name. Weight.

Stroke, Perkins, 152 1bs.

7, Perry, 165 1bs.

6, Pfeiffer, 168 1bs.

5, Parker, 164 1bs.

4, Hebard, 168 1bs.

3, Hight, 156 1bs.

2, Dustan, 154 1bs.

Bow, Smith, 156 1bs.

Coxswain, Whitney, 100 1bs.

Dustan and Smith are the only new men. The crew is rowing the present University stroke. They get a good firm catch, but fail to carry their oars through with an even pressure. Their body work on the whole is very good; but some of the men are short in their forward reach and almost all of them go back too far at the finish. The back work is ragged. The time is bad. The men are very strong, but they do not get in their work together. Mr. R. C. Watson and Mr. Harry Keyes have been out with the crew a few times, but they have had no regular coach.

The sophomore crew:-

Position. Name. Weight.

Stroke, Herrick, 155 1bs.

7, Hutchinson, 160 1bs.

6, Hartridge, 152 1bs.

5, Sanford, 159 1bs.

4, Sturgis, 160 1bs.

3, Tyson, 150 1bs.

2, Dana, 152 1bs.

Bow, Crehore, 138 1bs.

Coxswain, Cheney, 99 1bs.

Dana, Sturgis and Hartridge are the only new men. Hartridge rowed on last year's freshman crew at Yale. They are the lightest crew on the river. They jerk in their arms at the finish and do not sit up well. Their watermanship is very good. They keep excellent time. The men are very quick and row with a great deal of dash and spirit. Mr. W. A. Brooks has been coaching the crew.

The freshmen crew:-

Position. Name. Weight.

Stroke, Cumnock, 161 1bs.

7, Randol, 147 1bs.

6, Longworth, 171 1bs.

5, Finlay, 191 1bs.

4, Perkins, 161 1bs.

3, Longstreth, 174 1bs.

2, Williams, 152 1bs.

Bow, Hammond, 161 1bs.

Coxswain, Farquhar, 103 1bs.

The freshmen are the heaviest of the class crews. They do not get their legs into the stroke. There seems to be no life in the boat. They overreach badly. They do not keep a firm grip on their oars, and fail to get the benefit of the end of their stroke in consequence. Their time is bad. They are extremely careless and have had individual faults. The stroke which they have been practising is much too slow for a race. Mr. Hooper has been coaching the crew of late. Alexander, the stroke of the University boat, has also been giving them a great deal of attention.