Intercollegiate Games.

The New York Post makes the following predictions in regard to the probable winners at the games in New York to-day:- 100-yards and 220-yards dashes, Sherrill of Yale; quarter-mile run, Wells of Harvard; half-mile run. Cogswell of Harvard; mile run, Davenport of Harvard; mile walk, Wright of Harvard; 120-yards hurdle race, Berger of Yale; 220-yards hurdle, Mapes of Columbia; two-mile bicycle race, between Keen of U. of P. and Davis and Brown of Harvard; high jump, Page of U. of P.; broad jump, Shearman of Yale; pole vault, Shearman of Yale; throwing the hammer, Coxe of Yale or Brinton of U. of P., unless both are ruled out; putting the shot, Coxe of Yale, unless barred. Several of the events are more doubtful than the Post supposes, but on the whole the estimate is a fair one.