New England Intercollegiate Athletic Meeting.

The second annual meeting of the New England Intercollegiate Athletic Association took place Thursday afternoon on the Fair Grounds in Worcester. The colleges represented were Darmouth, Amherst, Williams, Brown, Trinity, Wesleyan, and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Dartmouth won the championship last year, but was defeated on Thursday by Amherst, who captured seven first and three second prizes. Dartmouth got second place with six first prizes. Eleven of last year's records were broken. The events and winners were as follows: Quartermile run-Gove of Dartmouth, 53s.; two-mile run-Ellis of Dartmouth, 10m. 24 4-5s.; 100-yards dash-Keay of Dartmouth, 10 3-5s.; standing high jump-Crook of Williams, 4 ft. 11 3-4 in,; mile run-Wells of Amherst, 4m. 40 4-5s.; running high jump-Ludington of Amherst, 5 ft. 4 1-2 in.; throwing hammer-Bodwell of Dartmouth, '82 ft. 9 1-4 in.; mile walk-Bradford of W. P. I., 8m. 14s.; two-mile bicycle-Delabarre of Amherst, 6m. 51s.; standing broad jump-Crook of Williams, 10 ft. 5 7-8 in.; half-mile run-Porter of Amherst, 2m. 6 1-2s.; pole vault-Warriner of Amherst, 9 ft. 7 in.; 120-yards hurdle Ludington of Amherst, no time; putting the shot-Chandler of Dartmouth, 33 ft. 1 in; running broad jump-Warriner of Amherst, 20 ft. 2 1-4 in.; 220yards dash-Allen of W. P. I., 23 3-4s.; tug-of-war-Dartmouth beat Williams in the final pull off by four inches.