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To-day the freshman nine plays the second game of the series with Yale at New Haven. The athletic prowess of a class is always measured by its athletic victories during its first year in college, and no victory is of more importance, from the difficulty and rarety of its attainment, than the great "fence game" at New Haven. For any Yale freshman class to be deprived of the fence is a stigma of which little conception can be formed here, and we may be sure that Yale will strain every nerve to gain possession of those sacred wooden bars before they are swept away (as they must be shortly) and become a relic of the past. The more honor, then, to our freshmen, if they succeed in gaining possession of the fence, having it handed over to them during their short stay in New Haven by the upper-classmen, as was the case with the delegation which accompanied the Eighty-nine team two years ago. The mystic spell which lies in the mere name of Yale and which has on many an occasion worked more destruction to Harvard freshman teams than the good playing of their opponent has once been broken, and that Ninety-one may do likewise is our last and sincerest hope.